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BAME Forum

Current chair for academic year 2016-17: Amy York, Senior Access Officer (Policy and Development), UCL

A consultative forum for those working to support progression to Higher Education (HE) for students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

This forum is open to staff from member schools/colleges and attendance is encouraged.

The AccessHE BAME Forum was established in early 2017 and aims to support the progression and success in HE of London students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, building on the success of the AccessHE Prepare to Succeed Conference in December 2016. This is an extremely important part of the access to HE agenda in London and specific focus on it via AccessHE is perhaps overdue. Over half of students entering HE from London come from BAME backgrounds yet the differences in outcomes for these students compared to what they should be need addressing and participation rates by BAME group vary greatly.

The forum’s objectives and deliverables for the 2017-18 academic year are to be decided and will be added to this page when confirmed.

For more information please contact Sam Turner at

2016-17 Scheduled Events

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