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Nine AccessHE member higher education institutions (HEIs) are taking part in the new and exciting Online Project to develop a series of online courses. The short courses will be targeted at learners ranging from Year 9 to Year 13 in ‘under-engaged’ schools and colleges in London, bringing innovation in learning and teaching to access to HE work.

Students will explore subjects such as homelessness and migration in ‘Social Problems & Issues’, and will use a popular online game to explore chemical structures in ‘Molecules in Minecraft’.

Each online course will consist of four sessions in length with each session taking 30 minutes to complete. The sessions will be interactive and will include video footage, audio clips and quizzes. The HEIs identify academics to provide the storyboard and content for each course.

A blended learning approach will be used with the HEIs each identifying Student Ambassadors to assist in the delivery of the courses in schools and colleges. Ambassadors will make two visits to each school or college, one at the start the course and one at the end.

AccessHE will co-ordinate the project centrally, including the production of the courses, the ambassador school and college visit programme, and the evaluation of the project.

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