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Access HE pan-London organisation for Higher Education

Who We Serve

AccessHE exists to serve two main types of stakeholder: Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and their students.

We support our Member HEIs to meet their access and participation targets for underrepresented student groups. Transformative changes to the HE sector in recent times have led to calls for wider cross-sector collaboration and the establishment of the Office for Students, the new HE regulator for England. This ever-changing landscape provides HE institutions both with more opportunity and challenges than ever in ensuring better student outcomes across the access, success and progression agenda for London HE.

You can learn more about how we serve our Member HEIs through our current and legacy projects and the work of our Forums and Groups.

We strive to ensure all of work directly impacts those at the heart of our mission: student learners. This ranges from pre-entry students in our partner London NCOP schools and colleges to students currently studying in, or shortly graduating from, Higher Education.

Through cross-sector collaboration, we support learners through the development and delivery of outreach activity, events, publications, online resources, media campaigns and more. Through AccessHE’s relationship with its Student Advisory Group, an inclusive and representative panel of students comprised of our Member HEIs, we ensure the student voice is represented at every stage of what we do.

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If you are staff or a student and wish to speak to someone at AccessHE about how we can best serve you or to discuss potential membership, click here.