AccessHE Online – The first quarter

February 22, 2018

AccessHE Online has now been live for just over three months! There has been a lot of movement in the platform since the launch at the end of last October- here are some key updates:

The first quarterly report for AccessHE Online has now been circulated to participating institutions. Overall numbers are on the rise with c.230 users as of 31st January 2018, approximately 2/3 of which are active users. Perhaps even more importantly, about ¼ of users have self-reported at least one widening participation criteria, proving that AccessHE Online is not only growing but also reaching the platform’s target audience.

Adventure University

AccessHE Online currently holds six active courses, which we hope to expand to a minimum of eight in this academic year. Brunel University’s course Adventure University is set for a pilot in very early March ready for a live launch after Easter. Adventure University is an information, advice and guidance course aimed at learners in Year 9 which supports learners in thinking about their future. The overall goal of the course is to increase the learners’ knowledge of their options after secondary school, to enable them to make more informed decisions when the time arises. Uniquely, Adventure University features Year 9 learners alongside currently university students to guide learners through the course.

Molecules in Minecraft

Also coming very soon to the platform is the much-anticipated Molcraft- Molecules in Minecraft, a course by the University of Hull. Additional filming for this was completed at the start of February and the course itself is now being polished with the hope of piloting after the Easter break, ready to go live in the summer term! Molcraft is a chemistry course aimed at Year 10 learners taught though a gaming platform inspired by the popular game Minecraft. Learners will be guided through the gaming application where they will explore chemical structures in Minecraft, introducing them to protein molecules, amino acids and the Royal Society of Chemistry and its landmarks.

How can I get involved?

AccessHE Online is live and ready to take on users, so please feel free to make an account and explore. Users can also request ‘Group Leader’ accounts which would allow them to monitor any users assigned to them, facilitating the use of AccessHE Online in the classroom and in outreach activities.

Energies are now being concentrated on pushing the platform into schools and colleges and on expanding the course offering. We are happy to say that we are already in discussion with some institutions about future courses with possible topics including careers in film and degree apprenticeships. We are always looking for more material, so please do not hesitate to be in touch if your institution would be interested in creating a course for the platform.

If you could like more information about the AccessHE Online, Group Leader accounts, or to suggest a course for the platform please contact Vanessa Baptista (