The Arts and Design Newsletter – Student Blog – Deanna Crisbacher

Deanna Crisbacher | University for the Creative Arts | BA Computer Animation Arts 

It was difficult to decide to pursue an art and design subject in university because of the stereotypes attached to being an art student. Originally, I was going to study something related to psychology but that never felt like a complete match with me. The interest was there, but not the passion…it was missing something.

I realised that film, video games, and storytelling is what I am passionate about because it enabled me to embed messages and stories that are important to me. So, now I study BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts at UCA Rochester where I am learning skills that will enable to me get into the field I want for my career. I’ve seen family members stuck in jobs that they hate, and my family has always pushed me to do what I love rather than what will quickly make cash. Doing something you are happy to do every day is far more important and valuable.

So far studying art I’ve discovered that I love creating new worlds through drawing, script writing, sound design, 3D modelling using CGI and visual effects. I love creating meaningful, immersive stories so I can share them with everyone in a medium that most people have access to. My specific course gives me the balance between art, writing and technical skills (computers, learning software, maths) that I need to be happy. Choosing to study art has given me the security of knowing I’m going after the career that will make me happy.