Introducing AccessHE’s new NCOP Officer

AccessHE is delighted to welcome a new addition to its team: Sia Tehfeh, who joined at the end of July 2019 as NCOP Officer.

Sia spent the last two and half years at The Society of Colleges National and University Libraries (SCONUL) working as the Team Administrator. During her time at SCONUL, she supported the work of the organisation and the delivery of its member services such as The SCONUL Access Scheme which provides university library access for students within its member institutions across the UK.

Identifying as part of an underrepresented group within higher education herself; first in family to attend university as well as other socio-economic classifiers, Sia is excited to support the work of AccessHE in breaking down some of the social barriers that prevent young people from similar backgrounds to pursue higher education.

As NCOP Officer, she will support the delivery of AccessHE’s NCOP projects and in building and maintaining positive working relationships with schools and partners.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the London NCOP can do so here or by contacting