The Arts and Design Newsletter – Student Blog – Joe Kidd

Joe Kidd | Ravensbourne | Digital Film Production BA

My name is Joe, I am 21 and have just graduated with a degree in Digital Film Production from Ravensbourne.

After finishing school, I studied at Exeter College where I began making a range of films, from documentaries to dramas and even animations.

My success at Exeter led to me being accepted at Ravensbourne. I chose my course because of its practical approach. Many of the courses I looked at were heavily theory-based. This course taught practical modern film production techniques, enabling me to develop.

During my first and second year, I took the many opportunities that come with studying in London. Meeting contacts at events, I was lucky enough to be offered work experience with Steve Coogan’s Baby Cow Productions. Later, this led me to work as a Production Assistant on the BBC comedy show Uncle.

With such special opportunities being presented to me, I felt lucky to have the full support of my lecturers. Often my course leader would take time out to discuss what I had taken away from these experiences.

All the hard work paid off when I received my first class honours degree in July. Now my time in education has come to a close, I must decide what path to take next. My aim is to work on as wide a range of projects as possible. Although many things have changed over past few years, my love of film and drive to keep being creative hasn’t. I can’t wait to see what comes next.