The Arts and Design Newsletter – Student Blog – Mohammed Jammeh

Mohammed Jammeh| University of Hull | Web Design and Development BA

My name is Mohammed, I am a 21-year-old Web Design and Development student at the University of Hull.

I grew up in The Gambia and moved to London in July 2011.  When I first moved to England, I had to learn how to use computers from scratch. At that point, I was not sure what I wanted to do in the future. After completing my GCSEs, I attended Crown Woods College and this was where my interest in the web started growing. I enjoyed coding but I was not very keen on design.

When I was applying for university, I came across the degree programme I am currently studying. At first, I did not want to apply for the course as I believed design was not my strongest area and a good percentage of the programme is design related. As I had five options, I decided to apply for the course but to have it as an insurance choice. This changed after I came for an interview. I did come some portfolio work in college which I received some positive feedback on from the interviewer. This has built my confidence and I decided to pursue the degree and take design as a challenge. I realised to be a developer, it is essential for me to understand the artistic aspect of the Web.

Studying Web Design has not only made me a better designer but it has also opened my eyes to the potential of the web which makes a better developer.