Making Mathematics Fun and Doable! 

April 12, 2016

The team working on AccessHE Online have just finished filming all sessions of the ‘Maths Short E-Course’. Delivered by Dr Anastasia Sofroniou, Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the University of West London, the course covers algebra, differentiation, integration and statistics. Combining informative videos with interactive activities the course aims to make Mathematics both fun and doable for learners.


Dr Anastasia Sofroniou, Senior Lecturer (Mathematics) at UWL

Filming will shortly begin with two other member HEIs. Staff in the Careers, Student Development & Outreach team at City University London are devising a course that will guide students in identifying factors needed to make informed decisions about their choice of a university degree.  At St Mary’s University Twickenham colleagues will introduce students to the study of Law through a variety of topics from sport to Batman! To find out more about this project please email Olivia at