Schools and Colleges

AccessHE works closely with an Advocates network of 500+ schools, colleges and local authorities, including virtual and free schools, across London. We support learners from such underrepresented backgrounds throughout their learner journeys to access, succeed in and progress out of Higher Education.

We take pride in our role as the conduit for a wide range of collaborative projects and initiatives. We do this primarily through the London NCOP outreach hub, in addition to the production of resources, such as the AccessHE Creative HE Apply Guide, for which students in schools/colleges comprise our target audience. During the next academic year and beyond, we aim to deliver more outputs, including resource toolkits and events, for schools and colleges across London and welcome calls for student-staff feedback for these.

Such calls will be displayed in our Advocates e-bulletin, a fortnightly publication of outreach activities offered by our Member HEIs, as well as updates and news on AccessHE and sector-wide projects, events and initiatives.

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If you would like to find out more about how AccessHE supports its Advocates network, please contact us.