Uni Connect: circus arts and 3D mazes

July 25, 2018

Circus Arts workshop with NCCA at Bower Park Academy

On Wednesday 11 July a group of Year 9 and 10 students from Bower Park Academy had an amazing chance to take part in an exciting circus arts workshop!

The 3 hour workshop took place in the sports facilities of Bower Park Academy and was led by experts from the National Centre for Circus Arts. The session began with an introduction to circus arts as well as a further exploration of possible careers and study options within the field. The rest of the day was dedicated to a number of different workshops where students had the chance to learn remarkable skills such as trapeze, juggling and tightwire.

‘Discovery Day’ at Rose Bruford College

‘After this experience I will think about university more thoroughly’- Year 9 student

During the Summer Term, Year 9 Uni Connect students across the London borough of Havering have been taking part in a blended delivery model of the online course ‘Adventure University’, designed by Brunel University London. The six session course culminated on Tuesday 10 July with a ‘Discovery Day’ visit to Rose Bruford College, led by RBC student ambassadors and the lead ‘Adventure University’ course trainer, Abigail Waller.

This university visit comprised of a series of practical workshops, during which students got the chance to learn more about costume making, lighting and modelling, and a tour of the campus with student ambassadors.  Students from Bower Park Academy, Drapers’ Academy, Emerson Park Academy and Marshalls Park Academy, were mixed into different groups, allowing them to not only learn more about the university and its offered courses, but to practice their team building and communication skills by interacting and cooperating with others.

‘I really enjoyed creating the costumes. I didn’t know how to do it so it took me forever but it was a lot of fun!’ – Year 9 student

‘It was interesting to find out that the control panel is used to decide how delicate the light is’ – Year 9 student

Throughout the workshops, students were offered practical experiences, creating their own 3D mazes, domes and even costumes. In between their workshops, Year 9 students toured the university campus, gaining a further insight into what life would be like at a university such as Rose Bruford College. The fun-filled day ended with students sharing what they had created in their groups and reflecting on what they had learnt from the day.

 Students were positive about the visit and the Adventure University course:

‘I enjoyed how practical the workshop was. It was very hands-on as we did everything ourselves.’ – Year 9 student

‘I will definitely consider going to university after taking part in the Adventure University Course’ – Year 9 student

For further information about the AccessHE London Uni Connect please contact naz.khan@londonhigher.ac.uk.