• Time

    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

  • Location/Venue

    Central London

10 November 2022

AccessHE CEES Forum

The first 2022-23 academic year meeting of the AccessHE Care Experienced & Estranged Students Forum will take place via Zoom from 14.00-15.00 on Thursday 10 November 2022.

The agenda will include:

  • Panel discussion: how are cost pressures impacting CEES students in London and what can be done to ease those pressures?
    • Colleagues working in a range of capacities with CEP in London will share their perspectives on how the cost of living crisis is impacting care experienced young people and what their
      organisations are doing to offer support.
    • Panellists: Fiona Ellison (Unite Foundation), Beth Taswell (Kingston), and a representative of Partnership for Young London
  • Next steps discussion
    • The forum will discuss how it can best support members (and the CEP they work with) in the year ahead and identify pan-London activities/resources to assist with cost of living pressures.
  • News, events and Policy round-up
    • AccessHE to provide a digest of news, opportunities and policy announcements that may be
      of interest to the forum.

If you would like to attend, please contact Emily at accesshe@londonhigher.ac.uk.

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