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    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

12 July 2021

AccessHE Youth Consultation, Where I’m From, Where I’m Going | Enfield focus group

AccessHE wants to learn more about young Londoners’ future aspirations and their attitudes towards higher education. We also want to understand how young people’s aspirations and attitudes are shaped by where they live as well as by their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For this reason, we are running a consultation project with young people aged 16-19 in different parts of London. The consultation takes the form of a series of online focus groups. Thank you for your interest in taking part in the Enfield focus group. The focus group will take place at 5.00pm – 6.00pm on Monday 12th July via Zoom.

All participants will receive a £15 Deliveroo voucher for taking the time to speak with us.

To be able to participate in the focus group, you will need to read this information form and submit the below form by Friday 9th July at 5.00pm.

We will process the person information you provide in this form (e.g. your postcode, your school/college) and we will invite you to share your views on the topics above during the focus group. The focus group will be held via Zoom and will be recorded; we strongly encourage all participants to have video enabled during the call to enable discussion. It is important to us that all participants can engage in online discussions in a safe way; information on the steps we take to ensure your safety online can be found in our online safety policy (available here).

Your personal data and the information you provide in the focus group will help us to understand more about future aspirations and attitudes to higher education amongst young people from different backgrounds and different parts of London.

AccessHE will publish the findings of our consultation as a research report and share this with reputable third parties, however as we make clear in our privacy policy, any information relating to you that appears in the report will be:

aggregated (i.e. combined with other user data) and anonymised, and will not be provided in a way which identifies you.”

The personal data we collect from you and the focus group recordings are held for one year and destroyed after that.

To read our full privacy policy, please click here, and to find out more about AccessHE you can visit our website: www.accesshe.ac.uk.

Once you have submitted the form, we will be in touch with further information including the Zoom log in details.


AccessHE & NEON Youth Consultation - Registration Form

1Online Safeguarding Statement
2Personal Information
  • Online Safeguarding Statement

    AccessHE will take the following steps to ensure the safety of all young people we work with in an online capacity:

    • We will ensure a minimum of two adults (AccessHE staff and/or staff from our partner organisations) are involved in the running of online activity

    • We will only use official AccessHE/London Higher social media accounts when running remote sessions and we will not share personal details with young people over any communication platform

    • We will seek parental or carer consent to participate in online activities where appropriate

    • We will operate a registration process for all online events to ensure participants are aware in advance of session rules, and have received platform instructions as well as online safety information from us prior to the event starting

    • We will ensure that the chat/messaging functions of any communication platforms we use are monitored and that measures are in place to prevent young people from being contacted directly, either by other participants or by the meeting hosts

    • When running online activities via platforms such as Zoom, we will operate a virtual waiting room to ensure only users who have registered are admitted, and we will lock rooms once events have commenced to ensure they are private.