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21 August 2023 – 25 August 2023

Hear My Voice | Creative summer programme for care-experienced young people in London

Making the Ink Think.

Work with spoken word artist Paul Lyalls who will help you take a fun delve into your world.

Explore the relationship between identity, discovery, trial and error soundscapes mixed in with the glorious technicolour of your times.

Play with poetic form.

Work strictly with broken rules and smoke and mirrors to inspire your revisited horizons.

Spoken word’s the bedrock of rap, slam poetry and any cool lyric you’ve ever heard.  Think poetry’s something boring you learn at school?  Think again. 

Think Benjamin Zephaniah, George the Poet, Loyle Carner and Kae Tempest.

Think you’ve heard spoken word?  Listen closer.

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In August 2023 we’re hosting Hear My Voice – a week of creative arts for care experienced young people in London
The programme will take place in the Summer holidays from Monday 21st August – Friday 25th August. You’ll get to experiment with spoken art, performance, digital art and collage, rounded off with a celebration event on Friday 25th August. The programme will be held at CU London’s Dagenham campus, and on Thursday 24th August you will travel to The Courtuald at Somerset House to visit the gallery.
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Entry requirements: The programme is for care experienced young people currently at school aged 13-16. To take part in the programme, you must be able to commit to attending the sessions:
Monday 21st August
11.00 – 15.00
Day 1 Spoken Word CU London, Rainham Rd N, Dagenham RM10 7BN
Making the Ink think: Work with spoken word artist Paul Lyalls who will help you take a fun delve into your world.
Tuesday 22nd August 
11.00 – 15.00
Day 2 Spoken Word CU London, Rainham Rd N, Dagenham RM10 7BN
On day two you’ll continue writing your spoken word pieces with Paul.
Wednesday 23rd August 11.00 – 15.00
Day 3 Visual Arts CU London, Rainham Rd N, Dagenham RM10 7BN
Collage can be a useful starting point if you want to create something but feel stuck.  It’s more than just cut and paste; it’s a specialist technique used to experiment with found images to make something completely different.  We’ll be busy on day 3 looking at ways to create an original visual. Bring some of your own printed images to this session, although there will be plenty of resources available.  If there’s time, we can try out image transfer as an alternative way to play around with found images.
By the end of the session, you should have a few visuals that could complement the first two days’ work. Use these as part of your design for the anthology that will be prepared on computers the following day.  We hope to get the anthology printed by the end of the week, so you can show off your achievements.
If you’re interested in finding out more, check out artists such as Kennard Phillips, Hannah Hoch and John Stezaker for inspiration.
Thursday 24th August 11.00-15.30
Day 4 Tip to The Courtauld Gallery – Somerset House, Stand, London, WC2R 0RN
We will travel together by coach to The Courtauld Gallery in London.  Our day will start in the Learning Centre where we will talk about ‘identity’ and what makes a portrait (or a selfie).  We will then go into the gallery to look at different artworks with these questions in mind.  We’ll return to the Learning Centre to look at how contemporary artists have responded to some of the artworks in the Gallery, and think about how they have made their voice heard.
*We understand that for any year 11 students, this date will be impacted by GCSE results day. We will make arrangements for this day to ensure the least amount of disruption possible. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch at aheuniconnecthub@londonhigher.ac.uk.
Friday 25th August 
15.00 – 19.00
Day 5 Celebration Event CU London, Rainham Rd N, Dagenham RM10 7BN
On day 5 you will celebrate all your creations from the week! You can invite your friends and carers along to this VIP event. 

Hear My Voice

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