Introducing Geraldine – our new AccessHE Uni Connect Outreach Coordinator

October 24, 2019

Having recently announced Sia as our new Uni Connect Officer here, and Ella as our Uni Connect Schools Officer here, AccessHE is delighted to welcome another new addition to its team: Geraldine Douglas, who joined in October as one of two new Uni Connect Outreach Coordinators, alongside Tayler Meredith – get to know Tayler here.

Geraldine worked as a lecturer in further education for 4 years, mainly working with mature students on Access to Higher Education diplomas. She lectured on Psychology and Health and social care programmes, though she spent the last year additionally working as a coordinator on the course. Focusing on student experience and pastoral care allowed her to understand student needs, and collaborate with educational organisations to maximise contribution to student engagement and progression to university.

Geraldine identifies as an individual who is underrepresented in higher education, possessing characteristics targeted for widening participation. Passionate about the improvement of life chances from education and to gain a greater understanding of how to create change in the educational landscape, Geraldine is currently studying for a master’s in leadership in education.

Understanding the impact of education on her own life, Geraldine is eager to work on closing the gap on educational disadvantage to improve social mobility. As Uni Connect Outreach Coordinator for the North West London hub, she looks forward to creating further opportunities for young people by creating relationships with schools, higher education institutions, local authorities and other educational organisations.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the London Uni Connect can do so here or by contacting