Prepare to Succeed – The findings

May 20, 2016

The eight partners of Prepare to Succeed met this week with researchers Sean Richards and Pip Kings to discuss the findings from 24 focus groups held with over 200 Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students from diverse institutions. The findings explored the strengths and areas for improvement the students identified when prompted to share stories of their educational career so far. While the results were institutionally specific in order to guide particular work in the future, there were also cross cutting themes.

Over the next three months, partners are organising workshops to be held at their institutions with small groups of students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. The findings will be explored alongside a presentation of current IAG and broader WP provision. The students themselves will co-produce improved work aiming to tackle the areas for improvement outlined in the reports. The students will then provide ongoing consultation.

The overall findings will be presented in an AccessHE report which will be released in November and will be discussed at a BAME specific conference which will be held in December.

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