The Racial Equity Forum provides an active discussion space for staff who support Racial Equity learners into and through HE, to share best practice and collaborate on practical projects.


1. To maximise opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, networking and information sharing.

2. To jointly deliver initiatives that address the Forum’s three common themes. These are:

  • Changing Mindsets
  • Retention
  • Attainment

Resource hub

A repository of historic materials, papers and resources related to the Forum. Click here for access (password-protected).

To request password access, please contact us or message us on Microsoft Teams.

Pre 2022

The Racial Equity Forum has completed a cycle of meetings focusing on student success and progression for Racial Equity students, looking particularly at employability support for BAME graduates entering graduate work. This has included the successful Insight Into Industry event for London undergraduate students in their final years.

2022-23 meetings 

For more information on the Racial Equity Forum’s November meeting, discussing pre-entry work and attainment raising, please see here.