This Disability Forum provides an active discussion space for staff working to support progression to HE for learners with physical and 'hidden' disabilities, including those with dyslexia and challenges with their mental health.


    • To joint deliver activities with the target group;
    • To joint deliver activities with those supporting and advising this group, including school and college staff, teachers, SENCOs, those in positions supporting students with SEND, careers staff, parents and HE practitioners;
    • To maximise opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, networking and information sharing;
    • To provide continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for forum members;
    • To facilitate conversations and supporting best practice within institution members;
    • To provide sector updates and guidance.

Resource hub

A repository of historic materials, papers and resources related to the Forum. Click here for access (password-protected).

To request password access, please contact us or message us on Microsoft Teams.

Pre 2022

The forum has convened a working group to investigate and create practical advice on how university library staff can most efficiently evaluate the accessibility of e-resource before purchasing them for their collections. The group hopes to circulate resources for London university libraries on this topic in the next academic year.

The first meeting of the 2022-23 academic year will be hosted online on November 17 2022. Please see below for more details.