AccessHE at the NNECL Conference 2016

December 8, 2016

On Tuesday 29 November Lauren and Guy travelled to Bristol to present a workshop on the Life After University event at the NNECL Conference.

The workshop gave delegates an opportunity to learn about the event, which was run in mid-November as an output of the Care Experienced and Estranged Students forum and aimed at giving current care experienced HE students an insight into the aspects of life after university which they should consider before leaving HE.

Delegates discussed the topics they thought it would be useful for care experienced students to think about when considering life after university, and shared ideas on how to best engage students from care experienced backgrounds so that they can benefit from the range of support available to them in HE.

To this end, the workshop touched upon the main themes of this year’s conference; engaging and empowering care experienced students to support long term success in education. More information on the NNECL conference can be found here.