BLM Statement

July 6, 2020

The AccessHE BAME Forum wishes it to be clear that it stands firmly with the black community, and against acts or otherwise that create and perpetuate racial inequalities.

The tragic death of George Floyd and the circumstances in which it happened, once again thrust into the limelight for our black colleagues and students the insidious and life impacting nature of racism.

As a community representative of diverse minority groups, we recognise that any injustice against any part or member of our community is an injustice to us all – and we must respond and act as one. It is not enough for each of us to be passively non-racist we must all be actively anti – racist. We must be singular in our focus and clear in our stance in the fight against racism and its’ roots.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has led many organisations to reconsider the actions they are taking to tackle direct and systemic discrimination. And we are no different, this give us a fresh opportunity to bring the issue of racism urgently to the forefront of our discussions. We must examine ‘what we are doing and how we are doing’ in improving race related inequalities that continues to this day to limit the experiences of BAME students and staff in our respective higher education institutions. There is a call for action and we must answer.

It is important that our voice is heard, visible and present where it matters most – in front of the people with the responsibility and power to influence and bring about the changes long overdue.

As a result of recent discussions had in this context with members and partners of the AccessHE BAME Forum, the group is undergoing a process to change its official name and shift away from the ‘blanket term’ of BAME. This is in order to better recognise the individuality of Black and Minority Ethnic students and their needs. If you have a suggestion for a new name or would like to get involved in this consultation in any capacity, please contact us.