• Time

    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Location/Venue

    Central London

17 November 2022

AccessHE Disability Forum

The first 2022-23 academic year meeting of the AccessHE Disability Forum will take place via Zoom from 14.00-15.00 on Thursday 17 November 2022.

The agenda for the meeting is:

  1. Welcome and introductions. The meeting will be chaired by Jason Luxemburg, University of Law.
  2. Member discussion. This meeting’s member discussion will focus on the needs of students with ADHD and autism, and particularly students who get diagnosed with these conditions during their time at university.
    • Have you experienced an increase in interest in diagnosis/disclosures since the pandemic?
    • How has your institution approached this?
    • Have you noticed any barriers to diagnosis for students in your institution (e.g. lack of money for private assessment; long NHS waiting times).
      • As a sub-point to this, where students have faced barriers and haven’t been
        able to access a diagnostic assessment, what support have you been able to
      • Are you accepting “working” diagnoses (like DSA have been) where students
        do not yet have a full diagnostic report?
      • Have the barriers students face in getting diagnosed made you rethink any
        area of your adjustments or inclusive practice (e.g. making certain areas of
        study/assessment inclusive by default)?
      • How has your institution supported students who wish to be diagnosed? Are there
        any plans to offer diagnostic services akin to ed psych assessments for dyslexia,
        dyspraxia etc?
      • Have you seen increases in uptakes of DSA applications?
  3. Planning for the new academic year. The group will have time to discuss their more general goals and aims for the coming year and are invited to propose ideas for any training they would like the forum to offer London HEI staff.
  4. Any Other Business

If you would like to attend, please contact Emily at accesshe@londonhigher.ac.uk.