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    10:00 am - 11:00 am

20 May 2022

AccessHE Uni Connect | Virtual Coffee Morning for Teachers and Careers Advisers

Our AccessHE Uni Connect mornings are designed to generate debate, ideas and conversation between teachers and careers leads, equipping you with strategies to support students with decisions about Higher Education.

Meetings focus on different areas of Higher Education outreach, and feature guest speakers including Universities, teachers, local authorities and third party organisations.

Our webinars offer support in the following areas:

– Convening virtual steering groups to share solutions and best practice with fellow teachers and career’s leads

– Sharing resources for students, either via Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and other communication platforms

– Providing CIAG on how to support underrepresented groups in their HE decisions/applications

– Updating frequently on the outreach activities of our HEI members and delivery of activity, and how your school can register for these opportunities

– Keeping teachers and careers leads up to date with the latest developments and news in an ever-changing landscape.

To register please submit your details below by Wednesday 18th May, 5.00pm.

AccessHE Uni Connect | Virtual Coffee Coffee Morning for Teachers and Careers Advisers, Friday 20th May 2022

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