• Time

    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Location/Venue

    Central London

21 November 2019

Creative Forum

This Forum meeting will likely feature:

  1. Student feedback on Creative HE Apply Guide v1.0

We kindly ask Members to ask student reps to produce a short feedback report on the Guide ahead of the meeting. Please then bring this to the meeting for a short discussion. Alternatively, please encourage your student reps to fill out the feedback survey here.

  1. Creative Forum in 2019-20 – YC/AccessHE

A discussion on themes/areas of work to prioritise for 2019-20, centred on two themes: “what does the Forum want to focus on delivering in 2019-20?” and “which external organisations / sector partners should we engage in 2019-20, and in what capacity?”

For the former, please see a poll here of suggested areas of work. We kindly ask Members to vote and do welcome other suggestions. The meeting will provide an opportunity to then determine priorities and possible outputs. Please take into consideration time/resource required, feasibility and any budgetary requirements.

For the latter, we kindly ask Members to come to the meeting with a list of suggestions of organisations we can engage (and in what capacity) from your existing networks.

  1. Other project updates – AccessHE

Creative EPQ proposal, Creative Apply Guide v2.0.

Presentation on validation and contextual admissions – TBC

Please find a draft agenda here.

If you are able to attend, please register by 10am on Thursday 14 November 2019. If you are unable to attend or to send a colleague in your place you can send your apologies by emailing tanyel.kazim@londonhigher.ac.uk. A final agenda and any papers will be sent a week in advance of the meeting.

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