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    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

5 April 2021 – 9 April 2021

Hackney Young People Lecture Series

As a young person, you have the power. Your future can change the world. What you decide to study and the career path you choose can lead to positive impacts in your community.

The Hackney Young People Lecture Series will focus on celebrating and developing the different skills, strengths and interests of the Hackney community through a series of resident-led lectures. The activity will involve training young people in Year 10-11 in communication, presentation and technical skills to empower them to design, develop and deliver university-style lectures. The lectures will be based around the Hackney Young Futures Commission findings in the ‘Valuing The Future Through Young Voices’ report  which identified the changes young people would like to see in their community.

The lectures, inspired by these topics, will be informed by subject tasters delivered by local and London leading university student ambassadors. Students will work on these presentation with guidance from the speakers’ trust and finally have access to university students, employers and young employees to ask them any question they wish and gather further insight to support their presentation.

The project will culminate in a chance to practice, perform and record their lectures in a professional lecture theatre in the Tomlinson Centre. Their audience – Hackney residents of all ages – will also develop their knowledge of the topics presented, whilst also being able to access careers information advice and guidance via a live stream event!



What will I get?

  • The chance to explore a subjects such as psychology, film, law and business. By gaining this knowledge I will apply it to an issue faced by young people.
  • The chance to get one-to-one guidance from employers, universities and higher education students .
  • The chance to develop my communication skills to deliver what I have learnt in a short lecture
  • Your lecture will be recorded professionally and streamed live.
  • You will be able to add this whole FREE experience to your CV and to an applications for further study in sixthform, college or higher education.


We will be looking for:

Young lecturers: 10 minute presentations on what Hackney’s Future looks like to them and how that has been influenced by theory and or the future prospect of education and employment.
eg. Hackney’s Healthy future- What mental health support do young people need? How can behavioural psychology help or explain this?
Film assistants: Support with the organisation, filming and editing of the final production. Working with high tech equipment and guided by experts.
MC/hosts:  Introducing and hosting the lecture series on behalf of all the young lecturers, setting the context and engaging the viewers.



Hackney Young People Lecture Series

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