‘Guiding University Choice’ and ‘An Introduction to Law’

May 20, 2016


Sophie Carmichael, student ambassador, City University London

Filming for the City University London Online course ‘Guiding University Choice’ is now almost complete. The course will include video clips of the university’s student ambassadors, a careers advisor and a professional mentoring leader who will explore questions such as Why choose university? What subject do I want to study? What sort of university would be right for me?

Students will learn about the offers system used by universities and personal statements and have the opportunity to consider issues such as employability and career ambitions. By taking part in reflective exercises throughout the course learners will be better placed to make informed decisions about their choice of university degree.

A further Online course is in production with St Mary’s University Twickenham, London entitled ‘An Introduction to Law’. Students will learn about how law impacts on our lives, what justice is and look at the law relating to sport in general. Negotiation to resolve a dispute and the law of damages will also be covered.

To find out more please email the project coordinator, Olivia Saunders.