Making a case for the arts

May 20, 2016

In developing our resources for teachers and advisers AccessHE are collating information from a range of arts organisations and networks to support teachers of creative subjects as they make the case for the arts.

A New Direction have created a great ‘Teacher’s Toolkit’, to help you and your school more effectively use and promote the arts and cultural education as a critical component of a balanced, exciting curriculum.  The Saturday Club have been sharing stories from those working in the creative sector via their new film, ‘Creative Journeys’.  Whilst Arts Emergency are working to ensure the doors of the university are kept open for those most able to benefit from, but least able to pay for education.

AccessHE have also been seeking out resources for teachers to share with their students, from a curated collection of videos for GCSE and A Level students to support revision for Theatre Studies from the National Theatre to a range of opportunities for young people to develop their skills by taking part in free workshops at the National Portait Gallery.