New school term kicked off with first Year 10 Uni Connect Launch

January 25, 2019

On Tuesday 22 January 2019, Year 10 students from Emerson Park School in the London borough of Havering welcomed the new school term by taking part in the Uni Connect launch. Fayon Dixon, a Meet The Future You presenter from Engineering UK, was a guest speaker.

The day commenced with a group of 15 students learning about what the programme entailed and gaining an understanding about how the work carried out can help them with their future progression. With the help of an entertaining animated video, students were guided through the importance of consent forms and later took part in an online survey examining the students’ thoughts and attitudes towards Higher Education.  

After the first part of the launch, Fayon Dixon was introduced to the group. Fayon is a motivational speaker and broadcaster who specialises in delivering motivational workshops focused on presentation skills, communication, networking, and time management. Fayon detailed her own journey and experiences in the session, providing an insight into her life and how she managed to achieve her goals. Fayon concluded her talk by emphasising her underlying message of finding one’s passion, working hard and not giving up.

Fayon’s talk provided a taster of what students can expect from their Uni Connect sessions. She even inspired students to think up their own inspirational quotes. One student came up with:  Do what people don’t want to do today, so you can do what they can’t do tomorrow.”

In the coming months, the students participating in the programme can look forward to a wide range of insightful sessions delivered by lecturers from our university partners, alongside other field experts, as well as exciting university visits.

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme, feel free to contact AccessHE’s Uni Connect Project Officer, Barbora Breckova.