Year 8 STEM Expo

May 3, 2016


On 28 April the AccessHE Year 8 STEM Expo took place at London Metropolitan University having been jointly organised with three other member HEIs (Middlesex University, RVC, and University of Hull).

Over 250 students took part in a range of interactive activities. They built DNA strands out of sweets, learnt about acids and bases in polymerisation by creating stretchy polymer chains, and recreated the steps of dinosaurs using T Rex feet and a foam walkway.  Other workstations included virtual reality headsets, understanding soft robotics, and making a simple radio.

A huge thanks to all the HEIs, their student ambassadors, local authorities, and staff and students of the thirteen schools that took part!

Feedback from Haggerston School, Hackney:

“Thanks very much for organising the expo this morning. We had a great time! The students really enjoyed it and were really enthused by all of the activities. I hope that we can come to similar events in future.”