AccessHE Online: our online learner offer

April 8, 2020

We have been expanding our online offer, building upon the suite of online short educational courses already available to learners in year 9 upwards. AccessHE Online will serve as the virtual hub for outreach and student success/progression resources that support work with learner groups currently underrepresented in HE in London. It will support learners across the whole student lifecycle and is guided by the belief that bringing together the various stakeholders working for social justice and wider access to educational opportunity in London is the most effective way of improving the life chances of Londoners themselves.
Expect to see a range of new resources hosted on the AccessHE Online website (, in addition to existing courses, coming soon. These include new interactive content for learners focussed on HE progression and materials to help parents support their children’s HE study choices. Capacity-building and professional development work with outreach staff in our member HEIs, through our action forums, will also continue online to ensure that the virtual support offered to learners in London is informed by best practice.
These initiatives will complement work that is already underway, in the form of virtual roundtable meetings for teachers and advisers in London, and social media campaigns ensuring that learners can make informed HE choices even at this time of disruption. We encourage those who haven’t already engaged with our #AccessHEHour on Twitter (Mondays and Wednesdays) to tweet us your HE queries, tips or handy hints!