AccessHE Futures: Choose Your Own Adventure

July 9, 2020

Responding to school closures in the wake of Covid-19, AccessHE recently launched an exciting new course – Choose Your Own Adventure – as part of its AccessHE Futures programme which aims to raise the awareness of higher education (HE) level study. Featured on the AccessHE Online website (alongside pre-existing courses), this new course comprises seven sessions for students in Y9 upwards and is designed and delivered by AccessHE’s Uni Connect Programme facilitator Ella Simms. The courses can be taken by any students irrespective of location and school.

Career Pathways- Explore the pros and cons of different career pathways.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options you have available to you after school. This information session explores the pros and cons for three of the main career pathways going to university, completing an apprenticeship and getting straight into work.

Mindfulness- Find out how to perform at your best when under stress by practicing mindfulness.

In this mindfulness session we look at what’s going on in the anxious mind as well as the three threat responses. Included in the video are two practical exercises to help us perform at our best and two more activities can be found in the accompanying worksheet.

The courses are aimed at equipping students with the relevant knowledge and skills they need to pursue HE level study, learners are guided through short, fun, informative videos, and introduced to topics such as revision tips, career pathways, student finance, mindfulness and decision making. They are designed to encourage self-reflection and forward thinking, learners get to think about their strengths and their interests, so they can make good decisions about their future. See below for overviews of some of the sessions.

Learners can easily access the course by registering for an account here. Once registered, they move through the sessions at their own pace, tracking their progress and taking the sessions that best suit them. The course can also be integrated into virtual classroom activities, making them a useful group learning tool. The information sessions cover all the key facts, students need to know, on important topics like student finance. The video format makes it easy to share these in a classroom.

Watch the promotional video for the course here.

For further information and/or if you have any queries then contact the AccessHE Online Team at