Ta-ra and thank you, Teni!

March 1, 2019

This week we sadly bid goodbye and so long to Teni, intern with the London Uni Connect team at AccessHE. Tanyel sat down with Teni to reflect on her time with us, which began all the way back in August, over 6 months ago… where has the time gone?!

Who are you?

I’m Teni, 22, a Medieval History Graduate (2017) from Queen Mary University of London. I was interning at London Higher, the London Uni Connect division, for 6 months.

What did you want to gain from your internship with Uni Connect?

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and work in an environment I had never considered / been a part of before (going from retail to working in an office). I also wanted to understand more about outreach work and working with schools as this was not something I had originally considered.

What did you work on during your time with us?

The biggest project I worked on was the London Uni Connect Careers Fair in November 2018. I liaised closely with schools, employers and exhibitors, managed online communications and promotions about the event and produced documentation for the Fair. Overall, I helped ensure the Fair ran smoothly and communication was kept between the Uni Connect team and those attending.

What was your personal highlight in your time here?

Definitely the actual day of the Fair. After months of putting everything together, it felt great to see everything come to fruition! So much hard work was put into making the Fair happen so it was a rewarding experience. I also enjoyed the school visits such as the one at City University. It nice to spend some time outside the office and see the great work of Uni Connect delivered on-the-ground.

What’s next for you?

Ah, the existential question… I’m not entirely sure yet. I like the idea of volunteering in the museums sector. I have more confidence now to apply for roles I never would have considered before the internship. Now I’m ready for my next challenge and I hope it’s just a good of a challenge as it was working at London Higher – the team has been so friendly and welcoming and I’m glad I got to work with such a lovely bunch of people!

The team (read our first ever Team Spotlight here) would like to warmly thank Teni for all her contributions (and parting treats left for us, in generous abundance) and wish her every success for the future!